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    Weekend App: Keepy is a private Facebook-style platform for your children's memorable moments


    Every parent knows the pain of throwing away a precious piece of art work created by their child. As much as you love to store every single scribble, there just isn't the room to keep every work of art crafted by their little hands. This problem of safekeeping art and storing memories is where interactive scrapbook app Keepy shines.

    Keepy can be broken down into two parts -- the app you use to capture your memories and the private online website that allows you to share those precious moments. These two aspects of the service work together to create a memory playlist for each of your children.

    The Keepy app allows you to take photos as well as accompanying audio or video to provide a narrative about the artwork, event or memorable moment you managed to capture. Each item called a "Keepy" is uploaded to Keepy's servers for sharing, with a Dropbox option for backup and long-term storage in case the Keepy service shuts down. You also can view your children's collection of Keepies and organize them directly on your phone.


    The online side of Keepy stores the memories you capture into a "memory playlist" and allows you to share these moments with friends or family members. The website component is private, with only invited "fans" given the ability to view your uploaded content. In a two-parent household, the second parent can be a fan and given upload privileges so he or she can add content to each child's playlist. Fans not only can view the items that you capture, they also can respond via voice or video comments. This is a wonderful, personalized experience for families whose members live far away.

    The Keepy app can be downloaded for free from the App Store. The service to store your photos is available in three different tiers -- a free plan that provides 31 Keepies per month, a premium plan with 101 monthly Keepies and an ultimate plan with unlimited Keepies. All images are stored on Keepy's servers and can be backed up to your Dropbox account.

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