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Breakfast Topic: Do you still go get your free weekly gold?

Anne Stickney

I don't have a lot to do in WoW these days, game-wise. I finished my legendary cloak on my second character, I'm fiddling around but not too invested in an alt (a monk, this time around), I haven't really been motivated to farm much more in the way of gear out of LFR. But once a week I make time for a few different things -- first, the Celestials on the Timeless Isle, who still have not given me all of the gear they have to offer. Second, Ordos, also on the Timeless Isle, and also stingy with the gear.

The third thing, however, is one of those places that a lot of players may have forgotten about -- the Isle of Thunder. Once a week, you can find a trove of the Thunder King, a hidden golden chest somewhere around the Isle. In the chest more often than not is a Key to the Palace of Lei Shen. If there is not a key in the chest, killing a few of the rares around the Isle should net you a key. Take the key to Taoshi, and she'll let you in to the Troves of the Thunder King, a solo scenario that is nothing more than a race to see how much stuff you can grab before the timer runs out.

By "stuff" I mean piles of gold. It's free gold for minimal effort, every week -- and the scenario is pretty fun. Sometimes I go in and just clear the first room, sometimes I run all the way to the end and loot my heart out. Either way, even though the days of the Isle of Thunder are long over, I still make time to go. What about you guys? What's on your weekly to-do lists? Have you been back to the Isle of Thunder? Do you still hit up the solo scenario? Is this the kind of thing you're hoping to see in Warlords?

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