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Legendary quest boosts on the way?

Anne Stickney

Wowhead dug up some interesting new information this past week, largely in regards to the legendary quest chain offered by Wrathion. These changes are not for patch 6.0 -- they are for patch 5.4.8, which should be coming to the PTR soon. Two new spells of note have been added to the PTR -- one, called Gaze of the Black Prince, increases your reputation earned with the Black Prince by 100%, which might sound a little like the Grand Commendations for other Pandaria reputations that unlock bonus reputation for all characters on your account.

But that doesn't seem to be the case with this particular spell. In fact, Gaze of the Black Prince also increases the chances of getting a Secrets of the Empire, Sigil of Power, Sigil of Wisdom, or Titan Runestone from enemies. How much of a chance isn't directly stated, but frankly, gathering the needed drops is far more time-consuming than simply earning the required reputation with Wrathion, so that's fantastic, right? Well ... there's more.

The other new spell is simply called Heart of the Valorous, and increases your earned Valor Points by 100%. That means that capping your Valor should be significantly easier to do, which is great for those on the Test of Valor section of Wrathion's quest chain. However, the spell makes no mention of the 1k Valor per week limit currently in game. Regardless of how quickly you gather your Valor, it will still be three weeks until you meet Wrathion's demanded total of 3k total.

At the moment, these are the only two datamined spells that have any relevance to the legendary quest chain. It may be possible that other gentle speed boosts to getting your cloak could be introduced as well. Personally, I'd love it if they'd just lift the 1k Valor per week limit already -- at this late in the expansion, there simply aren't any convincing reasons why it should still be capped. And with Valor apparently taking more of a backseat in Warlords, removing the limit isn't going to hurt anything.

It's interesting to see that we will in fact have a patch between now and 6.0. Sure, it's a minor patch, but the changes to Wrathion's legendary chain should get even more players caught up in obtaining a legendary of their own. This might just be enough to get me to go for cloak number three, depending on the changes, and when 5.4.8 is released.

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