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Sunday Morning Funnies: A fish in my dreams

Amanda Miller

Sunday Morning Funnies is your weekly list of WoW-related web comics.

This week, in comics: A secret identity is revealed. A good friend is rewarded with betrayal. Well-prepared explorers head into space. Plus: If you've been sleeping in, I bet your favorite authority figure totally knows about it.

If you missed the column last week, you might be surprised to find a new addition to our fold, Best in Slot. As there were 14 available comics last week, I've included the newest, #15, today. But there's also a new "extra" feature (and it's really cute).

Speaking of extras, From Draenor With Love has posted a thoroughly amusing, genuine script for a comic they never did create. I've included it in this week's list; it gives great insight into some of the creative processes that go into that comic. Plus, apparently, chapter 3 will be posted next week!

If you haven't been reading Experience Boost (for some reason?), but have noticed the admirers in the comments section and wondered where to start (besides the beginning), Roster Opening is a great place to join that will bring you through the current storyline.

Finally, Gratz posted its questions and answers feature, available below, which addresses Lackinganame's favorite parts of the comic ever created, as well as some future potential plot developments.

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