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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup wishes you a happy Mother's Day

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Happy Mother's Day everyone! Have you called your moms, step-moms, grandmoms and moms-in-spirit to wish them your love? We have - and not only that, but we interviewed our mothers to see what they thought about video games and our careers. Check out the article to see their responses if you haven't already!

My mother was never too into video games, but I still have lots of memories of growing up under her care and supervision. We frequently went on horseback riding trips through the hills, pastures and forests of Iowa - because yes, we have forests - and I fondly recall her as my high school science teacher. I would stay after school while Mom graded homework, listening to Martina McBride and Toby Keith as I played primitive Flash games like SnowCraft on the school computers. It was ... a different time.

What about you? Any stories of your mom or mom-like figures in your life you want to share? Go on and embarrass yourself in the comments after checking out this week's webcomic selection.

Penny Arcade (Hearthboned)
Cyanide & Happiness (#3548)
Fanboys (What's In A Name?)
Critical Miss (Outlasted)
ReadySoup (We The Best)
Dorkly (A Videogame Mother's Day)
VG Cats (Blue Man Group)
Awkward Zombie (Juicy)


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