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Skullgirls Encore takes a bow on PlayStation Plus this week


Skullgirls Encore is this week's featured addition to the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection, giving subscribers free access to the PlayStation 3 version of Lab Zero Games' recently upgraded 2D fighter.

Skullgirls has seen a number of gameplay tweaks and improvements since its launch in 2012, and the recently issued Encore edition features a roster of 13 playable characters. Developer Lab Zero continues to update the game with new content, following up a successful crowdfunding campaign with the addition of Big Band as a playable character.

PlayStation Plus subscribers also have access to discounted in-game currency and add-on content for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, Dust 514, Blacklight Retribution, Warframe, and other featured free-to-play games throughout the week.

[Image: Lab Zero Games]

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