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Highlights from WildStar's Friday livestream extravaganza

Eliot Lefebvre

If you missed WildStar's big livestream on Friday, don't worry; you didn't miss a whole lot aside from information regarding the gameplay, the lore, and the first few patches. Nothing major, right? Fortunately, you can hunt down the full six-hour video... or you can take a quick gander at a recap from WildStar Report hitting all of the highlights of the livestream that didn't involve the Carbine Studios team being goofy. It's entirely up to you.

The plans for early updates include a new zone with the first major patch, another in the third major patch, and further improvements and installments in future updates. Players can also look forward to another battleground in the second patch, followed by a second arena map. And you can look into an exploration of the apparently monogendered Chua (who use the pronoun "he" simply to avoid calling them "it" throughout the game). The full recap has plenty of extra details, and while you might miss some nuance of the video, it's probably going to take you less than six hours to read.

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