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GameStop offers trade-in specials for pre-orders of $400, Kinect-less Xbox One

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Did the news of an Xbox One sans Kinect convince you that now is the time to jump on Microsoft's wagon? If so, GameStop is ready to accept you with open arms - arms that are attached to hands, which in turn will offer you a pre-order of a Kinect-free Xbox One in exchange for your money and games.

Online, you can reserve your copy of an Xbox One without Kinect for $399.99. If you need a little extra helping hand financially, you can trade in an original or 4GB Xbox 360 or 12GB PS3 and receive $75 in store credit. Trade in a 360 with 250GB or more of storage or a PS3 with 20GB or larger hard drive and you'll receive $125. PowerUp Pro members receive an additional $10.

Those so inclined to travel outside (though why would you do that - the sun is out there) can also head to their local store to pre-order. We called several GameStops across the country and were told the minimum deposit for the console-only Xbox One package is $100.
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