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Harmonix reacts to Kinect-less Xbox One in tweets, statement


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Harmonix is the studio behind Xbox One Kinect game Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved, plus Xbox 360's Dance Central franchise, which also relies on Kinect – so Microsoft's announcement of a Kinect-less Xbox One hitting the market for $100 cheaper in June could have a direct impact on how Harmonix does business.

Today, we see two reactions from Harmonix: gut and official.

The gut reaction comes via Twitter, from Director of Publishing and PR John Drake, and publicist Nick Chester. Directly after Microsoft's news went live, Drake tweeted, "Oh, great. Super great."
Chester tweeted the simplified version, "Oh, good."
Chester followed up with, "Now Kinect designers have to work extra hard to innovate and make solid software. Good thing we were already doing that!"

A Harmonix spokesperson offered us the following, official statement on Microsoft's move: "As avid gamers, we're excited for fans to have more choices out there. As game makers, this platform change doesn't affect our strategy – it reinforces that we must continue to focus on building innovative, compelling and well-designed motion experiences to motivate consumers to buy our games.

"We believe that tightly-crafted motion games can be great, genre-defining interactive experiences, as we've proven with the Dance Central franchise on Kinect for Xbox 360, and we're eager to prove it again with Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved this fall on both Xbox One and Xbox 360."

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