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The Queue: Leveling Alliance, New Character Models, Garrosh is Napoleon

Matthew Rossi

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Matthew Rossi will be your host today.

Questions. Let us answer them, here, in this place, at this time.

Orkchop asks:
Is Garrosh Azeroth's version of Napoleon? Fought many wars, went on trial, sent to island, appeared in Time Bandits.

You're forgetting Napoleon's ridiculously important appearance in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Does this mean that Garrosh will escape our wrath in Warlords of Draenor by jumping into a phone booth with Asric and Jadaar? We'll find out.

Captain Cakewalk asks:
Q4tQ: When are we likely to see more updates on the models we have yet to see? I really cannot wait to see the Night Elf and Troll models especially myself!

When Blizzard is ready to show them. I know that's a disappointing answer, but it's also the only answer we can give you - there's no schedule or anything like that currently. I'd love to be able to tell you night elves tomorrow but that's not something I can honestly say.

@mhdoe on twitter asks:
in 6.0 are hit and expertise being moved to your main stat or being split evenly?

We don't know yet.

Mykroft Holmes asks:
I have many 90 Horde, trying to level an Alli. What zones/storylines still in game should I absolutely not miss?

Transpanik asks:
Coming back after long, long break as exclusively Horde player. Thinking of starting fresh as Alliance - any critical lore quest chains, etc. I should be aware of? Guides in this regard? Also, is PVP leveling still worth it?

Since these are basically the same question I'm answering them together. Keep in mind this is my personal opinion - you may not agree once you've done the quests.

There are several low level zones that I personally think are worth experiencing. The Westfall zone quests give you a much better understanding of the whole rebirth of the Defias Brotherhood, who Vanessa Van Cleef really was and why she's so dangerous, and is just in general a good zone. I definitely think Darkshore and Ashenvale are worth doing if you want to see why so many Alliance players blame the Horde for everything. Feralas has a great questline that shows you what the old Dragons of Nightmare are up to now, the Swamp of Sorrows has Joanna Blueheart and her quests. If you want to feel bad about the Alliance, go to the Southern Barrens.

As for leveling through PvP, yep, it's still doable. I don't recommend it for all classes, but it was fun on my hunter. I PvP'd on him for thirty levels.

Joeygiggles3 asks:
One question I do have, though not having to do with todays que, is that it seems the devs have been using "we haven't decided yet" a good amount. Its a very uneasy feeling I get thinking that They haven't decided on many things yet, anyone else a bit concerned with that?

I would be far more concerned if they were in the alpha stage of development and made no changes. The purpose of alpha testing is to shake out the most fundamental flaws and make the basic decisions. If they have already made all of those decisions it shouldn't be in alpha anymore.

john.h.fee asks:
Whatever happened to Valeera anyway?

Based on the chronology, she was last seen helping Alliance players fight off the Lich King's minions in Stormwind harbor, and later, she was seen alongside Broll Bearmantle when Varian and the player went to Battle for the Undercity. The comic book says she wasn't in Stormwind during the Scourge Invasion, but rather helping to save Med'an.

Either way, the last time she's mentioned is in the novel Stormrage, where Broll Bearmantle speculates that the fight against Cho'gall may have exposed her to fel corruption again. In the novel, Varian says that Valeera left Stormwind and no one has seen her since.

So basically, she's out there being stealthy, like rogues tend to do.

@MattFossen on twitter asks:
Do you think the upcoming changes to raiding in 6.0/WoD will help or hinder semi-casual guilds?

Semi-casual guilds will be able to raid LFR, Normal, and Heroic (which equates to LFR, Flex and Normal) and to do so with 10, 11, 13 or more people. So it could benefit them greatly. 10 man heroic guilds will be forced to merge if they intend to run Mythic. So it's kind of a mixed bad, depending on your definition of casual. A guild that runs normal mode with 10 people and might finish the raid by the end of expansion? They'll be fine. One that clears normal in a few months then does one or two heroics? That option will be gone.

And that's the Queue for today. See you all Friday.

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