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Watch Dogs won't hit 1080p on either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One


The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are both plenty powerful, but so far, many third-party games have ended up running better on Sony's console. That trend apparently continues later this month with Ubisoft's upcoming cyberpunk hackathon, Watch Dogs. The PS4 may have the upper hand in terms of native resolution as Joystiq noticed, but the game will run at 30fps (the gold standard for open-world games) on both platforms and neither will sport 1080p natively according to publisher Ubisoft. This is contrary to what a listing said before it vanished over the weekend. The adventures of Aiden Pearce will run at 900p for Sony fans, while Xbox One owners will see 792p on their flat-screens. Because both consoles will upscale the game and output it to your display's native resolution, it's a difference you might only notice if both versions are running side-by-side. If you'll remember, Assassin's Creed 4 shipped on the PS4 at 900p as well, and received an update to hit full HD after the game launched -- we'll be watching to see if that happens here, too.

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