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Get a different Humble Bundle every day for the next two weeks

Sharif Sakr

Your average Humble Bundle is a fortnightly affair. Starting today, however, there's going to be a fresh bundle every 24 hours for a period of two weeks, which ought to add up to some decent savings for gamers. If you've never partaken in one of these bundles before, then it's pretty simple: You visit the site to see what's on offer, choose how much (or how little) you want to pay, decide how much of that money you want to allocate to a charity, and then it's time download, install and play (or add to your Steam library, if you choose). If you head over there today, you can get Saints Row: The Third, Dead Island, and Metro 2033 along with six other titles if your willing to pay more than the average (which was $6.23 as of this writing). (Update: too late for this particular batch.) Remember to check the Humble Bundle site daily, or subscribe to their newsletter, to find out what's on offer over the coming days -- we have no idea what tomorrow shall bring.

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