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Joystiq Discussion: Will you buy the Kinect-free Xbox One?

Back when I was plotting a Sega Saturn purchase back in the long, long ago, I came up with an easy method for determining whether or not to purchase a gaming machine. The rule: if there are eight games either available or coming out on that machine that I really badly want to play, it's worth saving up the cash for that box. Panzer Dragoon Saga and Burning Rangers were on the way, alongside arcade-perfect Capcom games like Dungeons & Dragons Collection and X-Men vs. Street Fighter, not to mention NiGHTs; the Saturn was a perfect fit.

By and large, the formula still works, but with fewer and fewer console exclusives out in the wild, other considerations need to come to the fore. In 2014, the choice between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One was ultimately easy for me even though the vast majority of games on the horizon for both weren't exclusives. One box was $100 cheaper and didn't come with an alienating, mandatory camera. That was it.

Eight months later, Microsoft's bringing price parity to the party. Now the race really is about exclusives. Xbox One has some perky ones on the horizon. D4 brings the pedigree of Deadly Premonition with it, and that's mighty tempting. That's just one perspective, though. What about you? Are you going to take the plunge on Xbox One now that it's down to $400?

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