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Never leave bullet time in SUPERHOT, a unique take on first person shooters


Unlike your typical first-person shooter, in SUPERHOT, time only moves when you move. This gives you the ability to strategically plan out your approach. If you've played Braid before, the mechanics will feel familiar, as elements of the game speed up and slow down with each step forward or back. After completing the 7 Day First Person Shooter challenge, an event where teams from all over come together to build a new FPS in just a week, the team moved onto Steam's Greenlight program, where it made it through in just a weekend. Now they're turning to Kickstarter to help move the game further along. After just a few hours, they're on their way to reaching their funding goal of $100,000. If you're on the fence about helping out, you can try your hand at slowing enemies and bullets to a crawl with a browser-based demo. SUPERHOT isn't the first game to use bullet time (remember Max Payne?), but the game offers a fresh spin on an otherwise repetitive genre. Who knows, maybe the game can even teach Zack Snyder a thing or two about slow-motion action scenes.

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