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Time moves when you move in innovative FPS, Superhot


This game is really hot, folks. How hot is it?

Superhot, obviously.

In Superhot, players control an assassin and time itself, simply by walking – when you move, time moves. When you stand still, time halts, giving you time to plot out strategies for dodging flying bullets, picking up guns from the bodies of fallen foes, and shooting enemies in the face. Basically, you are The One, Neo.

If one of those time-controlled bullets hits you, you're dead, but The Superhot Team promises no reload screens; you're thrown right back into the action. Superhot has been on the scene since August 2013, when the team created it for the 7-Day First-Person Shooter challenge. It was Greenlit on Steam that September, and it received an Honorable Mention for the Nuovo Award in IGF 2014.

The original prototype is playable on Superhot's Kickstarter page – the Superhot Team is looking for $100,000 by June 14. So far it's raised more than $30,000. The current plan is to launch a beta version of the game for PC, Mac and Linux within one year.

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