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Joystiq Streams: Hearthstone addiction, card pack giveaway [UPDATE: Relive the stream!]

And lo did Blizzard Entertainment find another way to ensnare the hearts and minds of its audience, emptying their pockets and draining away precious hours of life. As they did seduce ye with the many clicks and loots of Diablo, the sundry gold pieces and sexy elves of World of Warcraft, and those ever pleasurable Starcraft Zerg rushes, so have they done with the card fights of Hearthstone. Make no mistake, faithful player: Blizzard demands nothing less than your eternal soul! Willingly is how you'll part from it, offered up in exchange for one more round, greasy with victory and redolent, freshly opened virtual card packs.


Joystiq has a bit of a Hearthstone problem. As everyone knows, the first step on the road to recovery is streaming the game at 4PM EST right here on Joystiq and at our Twitch channel. The second step is giving away a gaggle of Hearthstone card packs for free. Want those card packs? Come on down to the chat and join us.

Joystiq Streams broadcasts live on and right at every Tuesday and Thursday at 4PM EST.
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