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One-armed mercenary Bombshell has roots in Duke Nukem


3D Realms and parent company Interceptor Entertainment unveiled Bombshell today, a top-down action-RPG starring a bionic leading lady of the same name. The Unreal Engine game is coming to the PS4 and PC in Q1 2015, and Interceptor says it'll be the first entry in a brand new franchise the company has "great long-term goals and ambitions for."

As detailed on the game's "" website, Shelly "Bombshell" Harrison is a mercenary for hire with a bionic arm that transforms into different weapons. According to game director Frederik Schreiber. her inspiration lies in 80s action movies and cyberpunk, and she traces her roots to an unused character concept for the Duke Nukem series.
[Source: Interceptor Entertainment]

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As for 3D Realms' other game, the studio is currently embroiled in a lawsuit with Gearbox over the Duke Nukem property. Gearbox is suing 3D Realms for unauthorized use and trademark violation, while 3D Realms asserts it has the rights to develop its game as well as the sole rights to the Duke Nukem trademark.

"Lawsuits take time, and are often a long drawn-out process." Interceptor said on the Bombshell site. "Meanwhile, we wanted to be productive - our creative team couldn't wait around for the issue to be resolved. Ultimately, we saw it as the opportunity to create our own intellectual property, and Bombshell was born. So far, it's been a blast.

"It's impossible to say what will happen in regards to our previous project. It might return, it might not. We want to make great games without sacrificing our integrity, and Bombshell allows us to do that beautifully."

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