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Thomas was Alone wasn't on iPad, but now it is


The rectangle platformer is on the rectangle system, and the world can rest in appropriate harmony. Mike Bithell's Thomas was Alone and its cast of personality-infused polygons are available now on iPad, courtesy of Surgeon Simulator 2013 dev Bossa Studios. If you want to provide some company, it'll set you back $9 in North America, or £6/8 euros in Europe.

Thomas was Alone started life on PC and Mac before leaping and rolling onto PS3, Vita and Linux last year. While it may have a minimalist look, its sales have been maximal with over one million copies sold across all platforms. Bithell showed us his latest creation, Volume, at GDC in March.
[Image: Mike Bithell]

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Bithell told Joystiq there are two forms of controls in the iPad port, with the default option using onscreen buttons for scrolling and jumping. The second option is more "advanced" analog controls, and Bithell says they adjust to interpret player swipes and presses.

Bithell is working now on Volume, a top-down stealthy affair that looks plenty different to Thomas Was Alone. If you wanna know more on Volume, check out our GDC video with the man himself and volumize your knowledge.

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