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Apple, EA test free in-app purchases and more news for May 16, 2014


Don't start your weekend without a dose of Apple news. Today we've got free in-app purchases, CarPlay and a lot of retail revenue for Apple.

  • Apple and EA are trying out free in-app purchases. Apple and game maker EA are trying out something new. EA is issuing promo codes that give players 10 "gold," the virtual currency in Real Racing 3. Typically, 10 gold is a two-dollar purchase in RR3. Until now, promo codes from Apple were restricted to paid app giveaways.
  • Pioneer's NEX In-Dash Systems will receive a CarPlay update soon. Eager to check out CarPlay, Apple's in-dash solution for iOS in your car? One more avenue to the touch-friendly promised land is about to be unveiled. Pioneer has promised that a firmware update for the NEX In-Dash System will enable CarPlay, and that it should be out in "a few weeks."
  • Apple averages more sales per square foot than any other retailer. A recent study has confirmed what you might suspect after visiting a packed-to-the-rafters Apple Store. The company generates more sales per square foot than any other retailer in the US. You want numbers? Apple averaged US$4,551 in sales per square foot of retail space over the past 12 months, beating out heavyweights like Tiffany & Co., Coach, and Murphy USA. But Apple is doomed.

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