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Breakfast Topic: Looking back on scenarios

Alex Ziebart

Earlier this month, I penned an edition of The Queue that sparked a lively debate about Mists of Pandaria's scenarios. Some loved them and want scenarios to stick around in future expansions. Some didn't and wish they were gone. Some didn't care either way. That's how most mass debates turn out, but it was interesting to watch nonetheless.

Personally, I loved scenarios, even the super easy ones. In fact, especially the super easy ones. I've been playing WoW since it launched. As I get older, I find I have fewer days in a week to dedicate long hours to a game. I still get those days, just not as often. The days where my time is limited, it was nice to have something quick and straightforward to do that still contributed to character progression in some way. Should Blizzard design content with that playstyle in mind? Maybe not. If you design a game to be consumed in 10-15 minutes, wherein the player doesn't need to pay much attention to what's happening, it isn't much of a game. There are very good games that can be played that way, but they aren't MMOs. Still, it was nice to have the option available. Pet battles were the other available option, but didn't contribute to character advancement.

I'd like to see scenarios continue as a part of max-level group gameplay, but I'd also understand if they faded away. I don't want them to fade away, but I would understand it. What about all of you? Love scenarios? Hate them? Don't care?

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