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I'm Sarah Shepard, and these are my favorite names in Mass Effect 3


When it comes to saving (and romancing) the universe, Mass Effect 3 players turn to Commanders Jack and Sarah Shepard. Outside of default choices John and Jane, those are the most popular male and female names for the RPG hero in the series' latest incarnation, as detailed by a new BioWare infographic.

Other favorites on the male side include James, Chris, Alex and Michael, while leading the way FemShep-style are Kate, Alice, Jessica and Alex. I was dull and went with Jane, but I'm still disappointed to see a lack of "The" in the top monikers.

Head past the break to check out BioWare's infographic, including the most popular names for various languages. And while you're here, what did you call your Shep?
[Image: EA]

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