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Make Killzone: Shadow Fall a friend zone with new co-op mode


Killzone: Shadow Fall gets a new four-player online co-op mode next month, and Guerrilla Games is also releasing it later this year as a "standalone version" that presumably won't require the original PS4 game to play. The "Intercept" expansion launches in June as a free download for season pass holders, but there's no word on a purchasable version for those without the pass. We've reached out to Sony to clarify all the details.

Intercept centers around an infiltration and reconnaissance mission, with you and three pals relaying Helghast intel back to HQ through uplinks. That itself sounds like a horde mode, with your team defending uplinks from enemy captures and providing them with enough time to establish transmission.

Establishing an uplink is tied your team's overall score, and this can be upped in various ways including successful defenses, "banking" personal actions like kills and recaptures, and calling on a good old artillery strike. Players also take on one of four "combat roles" in Intercept: The Assault role focuses on close quarter gunfire, Marksman on longer ranges, Tactician on maintaining defense, while the Medic patches everyone up.

The mode also comes with four arena maps derived from locations in the single-player game, to join the new free multiplayer map released earlier this week. We'll have to wait a bit to see Intercept in action, but Guerrilla Games says it's prepping to reveal gameplay, with more info on that to come next week.
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