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DDoS attack wounds Operation Supply Drop charity drive


Clearly, no good deed goes unpunished, as hackers have targeted Operation Supply Drop, a charity effort to send games and gaming-related items to American soldiers overseas.

"Well, that took 26 minutes, but the Operation Supply Drop website is already down," wrote the fundraiser's organizers on the Operation Supply Drop Facebook page following what appears to be a distributed denial of service, or DDoS attack. That Facebook update was posted at about 9AM ET, after which the Operation Supply Drop website returned briefly, but was then shuttered by organizers anticipating further attacks. "Odds are this will happen again over the next 24 hours," they explained in a letter to donors.

Unfortunately, the Operation Supply Drop website serves as the main hub for those wanting to donate. While it remains down, the fundraiser will continue, but those hoping to aid the cause should send PayPal donations to donations at operationsupplydrop dot com. Alternately, if you'd rather receive something for your donation, you can pick up this Operation Supply Drop poster, designed by the Halo auteurs at Rooster Teeth. All proceeds from the sale of those posters will go directly to Operation Supply Drop.
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