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Bounden delayed on Android, but you can help it arrive faster

Game Oven planned on simultaneously releasing the dance-supplementing Bounden (demonstrated here by our own Jess Conditt) on May 16 for iOS and Android, but there's been a stumble in the development's routine. The sheer number of Android devices on the market has made Bounden's Android version difficult to finish - after all, how do you release a gyroscope-based game across dozens of devices when they can't all agree on which way is north?

With additional testing of the Android pool, Game Oven has found that some devices use gyroscopes that don't work on all axes, while others are faking gyroscopic data with accelerometers. Of course, there's also the devices that don't have a gyroscope in the first place.

Game Oven has settled on whitelisting Android devices individually, stalling Bounden's Android release until the developer feels it has cleared a sufficient amount of devices. You can help make that happen a bit sooner, though - Game Oven has asked for Android users that are willing to test Bounden on their devices to send an email to eline at gameovenstudios dot com. If you decide to help, be sure to specify your device's brand and model in your email.
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Hey [Joystiq],

It's almost time... Bounden is going to launch May 21st!

We made the tough decision to delaying the launch of Bounden on Android. I'm sorry to disappoint you. :(

Our blog post explains everything:
The response I got to the Vine was enormous, lots of developers recognized the problem. With Bounden, we're using every sensor there is, pushing the device to its limits - we can't predict if the game is gonna work. That's why we're asking Android users to help us test Bounden on their device!

Right now, we're working on improving Bounden. We'll release at least 2 more updates after launch with more dances and a more guided gameplay experience. We also made a new Making of video, explaining the choreography and technical challenges:

I can send you an iOS promocode for someone to review at Joystiq? Let me know.

Eline Muijres
Producer at Game Oven

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