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Breakfast Topic: How much do you transmog?

Anne Stickney

I don't usually take a lot of time with my alts. Sure, I'll level them, I'll get them moderately geared, but I don't dedicate huge amounts of time to them. However, I will always without fail make sure that they look nice -- a task made much easier with transmog. But even then, I'm still picky about what my characters will wear. If I'm going to make them look snazzy, I'm going to take the time to make sure they look really, really snazzy.

Which means that I'm not just paying attention to the outfits that they're wearing, I'm also paying attention to what mounts that set goes with -- both ground and flying. This may seem like overkill to most sane people, but I figure if you're going to go to the trouble of putting together a look, you may as well make it cohesive enough that people can tell some thought went into putting it all together, right? I am, however, fully aware that not everyone indulges in my particular brand of armor collection and carefully crafted looks.

But I'm curious, because the feature has been out for quite some time now, and I can't really imagine the game without it at this point. How far do you go for transmog? Do you craft cool sets for your alts, as well as your main character? Is your bank alt dressed up, too? Do you match with mounts and other accessories, or is simply having an outfit that doesn't look like a clown suit enough for you? Have you farmed endless instances looking for that one particular piece of armor that brings the whole set together? Or is transmog just something that isn't for you?

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