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Planetside 2 producer unveils PlayStation 4 screenshots


It's unclear when Sony Online Entertainment's massively multiplayer shooter Planetside 2 will make its PlayStation 4 debut, but in the meantime, executive producer Clint Worley has opted to share two new images of the in-production MMO.

Both images can be found in their full-resolution glory in the gallery below, though if you've seen the game running on a solid PC, you're likely already familiar with the game's color-coded forces and vibrant battlegrounds.

Of special note, however, is the inclusion of a Vita handheld in Worley's first image. Sony Online Entertainment likely has access to scads of extra Sony hardware, but that doesn't explain why the only item included in that image beyond Planetside 2 and the PlayStation 4 running it, is a handheld that, as far as we know, has no tie to the MMO. Perhaps Worley's team is testing remote play functionality, or perhaps there's another explanation available. Our attempts to contact Sony Online Entertainment for more information have so far yielded no results.
[Image: SOE]

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