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Star Wars: The Old Republic housing will not disappoint, devs promise


Housing in a galaxy far, far away will be "nothing like any system" we have seen in MMOs before, say the devs.

At a recent Vancouver Star Wars: The Old Republic cantina community event with the devs, McSleuth Gaming took down detailed notes from the Q&A session and intermingling that followed. One of the questions probed the type of housing that Galactic Strongholds will offer, to which a dev replied, "I will say though it is nothing like any system in any other MMO out there right now; it is completely different and a new style. I promise you, as a fan of housing you will not be disappointed in how our works. Seriously. We have put a lot of thought into making it customizable."

If you're hoping for looser free-to-play restrictions, well, don't hold your breath. "Every time something new is added for F2P it actually is simultaneously taking something away from subs perks," the devs hedged. "So there needs to be balance and that is something we are always looking at changing."

Meanwhile, Massively's Larry has several pictures of the new casino event and stronghold construction coming to the game, so check them out!

[Thanks to Dengar for the tip!]

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