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Dead Island: Epidemic now spreading on Steam Early Access


Deep Silver's in-progress MOBA Dead Island: Epidemic is now available via Steam Early Access, giving players an early look at a closed beta version ahead of its public launch.

Dead Island: Epidemic is an online cooperative action game in which teams of players employ crafted weapons and character skills to fend off zombie hordes. Early Access players will get exclusive weapons and upgrades not available in the final release, due later this year.

While the final version of Epidemic will be free-to-play, access to the closed beta requires purchasing either the Patient Zero Pack ($16.99) or the Deadicated Pack ($39.99). Players can also opt for the Contagion Pack ($44.99), which includes all content from the Patient Zero and Dedicated packs, along with three additional copies of the game to share with friends.

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Dead Island: Epidemic Bursts Into Early Access with the Return of the Iconic Sam B

Fan-favorite character returns to action as Deep Silver reveals Early Access packs
Larkspur, CA – May 19, 2014 -- Dead Island: Epidemic, the world's first ZOMBA (Zombie Online Multiplayer Battle Arena), enters Early Access today on Steam starting at $16.99 ( Debuting with three different Early Access starter packs to choose from, Deep Silver alsointroduces iconic Dead Island hero Sam B as a playable character. All Early Access options contain exclusive weapons, upgrades and in-game currency that can be used straightaway or during the upcoming Open Beta phase and at the launch of the final game.

Pitting 3 teams of players against each other in a desperate fight for survival, Dead Island: Epidemic is a Free-to-Play PC title that will feature all the trademark elements that are part of a Dead Island experience and much more.

Included in each pack:

· Patient Zero Pack ($16.99) –

The entry pack offers 5 unique weapons, 3additional characters, the "Golden Sprocket Hammer" as well as boosters, character & gear points and in-game cash.

· Deadicated Pack ($39.99) –

The "Deadicated Pack" includes all of the"Patient Zero Pack" plus additional content: six Tier 2 weapons, the "Golden Precise Shotgun", the "Keghammer", a larger booster and bundle of character & gear points and in-game cash plus exclusive access to Sam B as playable character. Additionally, players will also receive even more items & characters once the game heads into Open Beta and then again at the launch phase.

· Contagion Pack ($44.99) –

With the "Contagion Pack", players canspread the Epidemic to their friends. It offers everything that is in the "Deadicated Pack" (with an alternate "Contagious" in-game title & icon) four times: once for the player andthree gift copies that they can share with their friends.

More information about Dead Island Epidemic and a detailed overview ofthe different packs can be found at

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