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PlayStation Now streaming service enters PS4 beta tomorrow


The closed beta phase of PlayStation Now for PS4 will begin tomorrow, Sony announced. The service's beta program has been available for PS3 after invites went out to players in late January.

PlayStation Now was announced in January as a service that allows players to stream PS3 games to their compatible systems like they would a video on platforms like YouTube and Netflix. The service was originally expected to include PS One and PS2 games, though Sony has since been mum on the ability to stream classics. A previous rumor indicated that backwards compatibility for those consoles could be added to the PS4.

PlayStation Now will launch this year for PS4, PS3, Vita and "select" 2014 Bravia TVs. Sony is expanding its PS3 beta program to a "broader audience" soon, so those interested in testing the streaming platform can register on Sony's site.
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