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Twitter eyes SoundCloud to get folks sharing more music


Twitter's usage stats have shown its growth slowing for quite some time, and now it seems buying a social-minded audio-sharing outfit could be part of the plan for a turnaround. Recode reports that SoundCloud may be part of that strategy, bringing its 250 million users to the 140-character microblogging platform. SoundCloud offers free audio hosting and sharing via its website for socialites to scatter however they see fit -- with a paid tier for those who need a extra features. The purchase would carry a steep price tag though, as the site was valued at $700 million after a round of funding back in January. This wouldn't be Twitter's first foray into music either, as its failed #Music app sought to bring tunes to users based on their popularity on the social platform. That effort was officially decommissioned last month.

Update 5.20.14: A report from the Wall Street Journal today reads that Twitter had considered acquiring SoundCloud, but has since backed out of negotiations after "the numbers didn't add up."

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