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Sprint fined $7.5 million for violating your 'Do Not Call' requests


Sprint's bank account is going to be a bit lighter thanks to the FCC's recent announcement that the telco has failed to comply with customer "do-not-call" requests. The Now Network has to pay a $7.5 million fine (the largest ever) for violating your pleas for its unwanted phone-and-text telemarketing to stop, with acting chief of the enforcement bureau saying the settlement "leaves no question that protecting consumer privacy remains a top priority." What's more, the carrier also has to follow a two-year plan to ensure that it keeps following government requirements to protect said privacy. This follows a 2011 settlement that cost Sprint $400,000. Back then, it said that the do-not-call violations were the result of a server failing to process the consumer requests. This time, Sprint tells CNET that the errors were of the "technical and inadvertent human" variety, and that there's been a significant capital investment to ensure they don't happen again in the future.

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