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Waterfield Designs announces Mac Pro Go Case


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Just in time for you to carry your fully-loaded Mac Pro with you to San Francisco for WWDC 2014, Waterfield Designs has announced the availability of the new Mac Pro Go Case ($129). It's made for more than just carrying the little cylindrical powerhouse known as the Mac Pro, including space for an Apple Wireless Keyboard, a mouse or trackpad, and other accessories and cables.

The Mac Pro Go Case is made of rugged ballistic nylon, comes with a suspension shoulder strap, and has a nice pocket perfectly sized for that Apple Wireless Keyboard. What I really like is the round, disc-like accessories bag, which can take a bundle of loose goodies, zip them up, and then sit in the "ash tray" on top of the Mac Pro.

Size-wise, the Mac Pro Go Case is 7.5 inches (19.05 cm) in diameter with a height between 12 and 14 inches (30.48 and 35.56 cm). Despite being padded to keep your Mac Pro safe in transit, the Go Case weighs just 1.6 lbs (.73 kg). Add a Mac Pro and a pile of accessories to the bag, and it will weigh in at about 13.8 lbs (6.26 kg).

I don't have a Mac Pro to test the Mac Pro Go Case with (are you listening, Victor?), but if this is built with the same attention to detail and quality that goes into other Waterfield Designs products, it's going to be a winner.

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