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Shadow Warrior devs' next game stars a shaman panda

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Flying Wild Hog, the development studio behind Hard Reset and the 2013 reimagining of Shadow Warrior, have announced a new game, called Juju. According to a press release and screenshots, Juju is a ... wait a second, is this right?

Because looking at this information, Juju appears to be a cartoonish platformer full of sparkling gems and floating music notes where players control a panda shaman and his lizard sidekick as they work together to save the world from an ancient evil. And this is by the same people that made Shadow Warrior? The game that got a crossover with Viscera Cleanup Detail? Alright press release, if you say so.

Juju is expected to arrive this fall for PC and consoles. Which consoles exactly have yet to be announced by Flying Wild Hog.

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[Image: Flying Wild Hog]

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