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Verizon's latest LTE test streams Indy 500 in-car video to phones in pit lane


As the Indy 500's title sponsor this year, Verizon is bringing more than its name to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway -- it's augmenting the venue with LTE Multicast service. The new tech allows many viewers to stream the same video at once, something that usually chokes networks but with multicast it's more like watching a regular TV broadcast -- the stream only has to be sent once for everyone to tune in. Teams using a special app on enhanced Galaxy Note 3 smartphones or other properly equipped tablets will be able to view live in-car cameras and other angles from cameras placed around the track. Unlike Verizon's Super Bowl test, this is running on the company's commercial network and it won't be a one-time deal, either: LTE Multicast will be used at multiple IndyCar events and venues throughout the year. Here's hoping fans can get in on the action (the official IndyCar 14 app lets Verizon customers watch video over regular internet streams wherever they are) soon.

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