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Weed Firm disappears from App Store in a puff of smoke


Weed Firm, the surprise App Store hit that rocketed to the #1 spot on the free games list this week, is now gone. But before you get all paranoid, take comfort in the fact that developer Manitoba Games says the game is indeed coming back shortly. According to the official Weed Firm Twitter account, "a few maintenance things" are the reason for the takedown, as opposed to Apple striking the app down for potentially objectionable content.

The game puts you in the shoes of a pot dealer, complete with a bit of gardening simulation and of course the entrepreneurship aspect of actually selling the goods. As the game's App Store description states, it includes "Crooked cops," "Relentless gangsters," and, curiously, "Horny dancer Jane." Well, alrighty then.

It's not exactly common for a game to be pulled down from the store for days just to receive an update -- and it's even less common for an app in the top slot to pull such a trick. It's unclear exactly why the app had to be removed completely just to be fixed, but maybe the devs are simply a making a trip to Washington or Colorado to replenish their supply of medicine.

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