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Minecraft hits PS4, Vita, Xbox One in August


The Xbox One, PS4 and Vita versions of Minecraft are due to launch in August for $20, Mojang announced today. On Xbox One and PS4, the game is $5 for those who already own Minecraft on Xbox 360 or PS3. The Vita edition is a Cross-Buy title, meaning if you already own Minecraft on PS3, you get it on Vita for free. All PS3 DLC will work with the Vita version, though not all skins and texture packs will work on PS4 or Xbox One versions, due to licensing deals.

Minecraft: Xbox One and PS4 editions include bigger worlds than current-gen versions, and they both allow users to import save data from Xbox 360 and PS3 + Vita games, respectively. However, saves don't transfer from next-gen to current-gen systems.

"There are technical reasons for this; we can make worlds bigger without too much stress, but shrinking them causes all kinds of problems," Mojang says.

The $5 upgrade program will be live for at least a year after the August launches.
[Image: Mojang]

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