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NYC's Met museum is offering 400,000 works of art as free downloads

Emily Price

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The NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art is making some of its gigantic collection of masterpieces available for you to use in your next project. The Met just marked almost 400,000 digital images of its works as Open Access for Scholarly Content (OASC), which is bringing some pieces to the web for the first time and making them all available for non-commercial use. What that means is that now you can use Rembrandt's epic Toilet of Bathsheba in your thesis (because, why not?), or bring some bling to your next documentary with a photo of an Aztec necklace for free. The collection includes all of the images the museum feels are in the public domain and aren't subject to any other copyright restrictions. You can tell a photo is up for grabs by looking for the OASC label and download button below each pic.

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