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WildStar gears up for launch with ginormous beta patch [Updated with videos!]

Shawn Schuster

As WildStar approaches its June 3rd release date (and pre-order head-start on May 31st), the dev team at Carbine is ramping up the bug fixes and game updates to make the launch as smooth as possible. This latest beta patch, released yesterday, is no exception to the rule.

We have fixes to the launcher, enemy mobs, character creation, guilds, items, classes and more in this update. In fact, the patch notes are so lengthy, they span two forum posts! You can check out the complete notes on the official forum.

[Update: We've got a couple of extra WildStar videos for you today! First, Carbine has posted a "WildStar Gives Back" video about a recent surprise trip to a fan's home in Indiana. And second, friend of Massively Richie "Bogotter" Procopio has uploaded to his YouTube channel the brand-new new character cinematics in the beta. We've got both after the cut!]

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