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Joystiq Streams: X-Men Destiny wrecks both future and past [UPDATE: Relive the stream!]

Much as Activision, Marvel's licensing department, and the scattered members of the studio once known as Silicon Knights wish they could, they will never be able to send Wolverine back in time to prevent X-Men Destiny from being made. The 2011 X-Men role-playing game isn't nightmarish-apocalypse-world-ruled-by-manhunting-robots bad, but it's bad. It's short, though! As Joystiq put it at the time: "Its concision almost comes back around to being a virtue, because at least you can quickly move onto something more pleasurable, like selling X-Men Destiny to a stupid friend you hate, or burying a beloved family pet." Oh dunk! Were that sentence a mutant, it would be Iceman.

Given our excitement for the release of X-Men: Days of Future Past, our love of spectacularly bad games, and Destiny's merciful brevity, Joystiq is left with only one choice this Memorial Day weekend: we must stream Destiny and attempt to beat it.

Starting at 3:30 PM EST, Joystiq's very own Xav de Matos will enroll in Xavier's school for the gifted and attempt to complete X-Men Destiny. The rest of the Joystiq crew will pop in and out of the stream to offer moral support and answer your questions. We may even give away some games. Why not?

Joystiq Streams regularly broadcasts on Tuesday and Thursday at 4PM EST. Sometimes, when we get squirrelly, we broadcast bad games on Friday.

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