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Persona 4 Arena removed from Europe's PlayStation Store


Persona 4 Arena and all its DLC are no longer on the PlayStation Store in Europe, all of a sudden. When asked about the disappearance, Sony Europe's Jawad Ashraf could only note the fighter was removed by request of "the publisher."

"I haven't been given any information as to why, just that we obliged with the request," Ashraf said in the PlayStation Blog comments. "Sorry I can't be more transparent."

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Zen United published Persona 4 Arena in Europe, following Atlus infamously region-locking the PS3 version and subsequent delays for the region. Currently the fighter is still available on the Xbox 360 Store, and PS3 disc copies remain procurable at European retailers.

Furthermore, on the Zen-controlled Persona Europe Facebook page, a moderator noted Atlus is responsible for the game's downloadable version. We've reached out to both Zen and Atlus to find out what exactly is going on.

The news comes as Persona 3's Ken and Koromaru are confirmed as a playable double-act for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (via Siliconera and Famitsu). The expanded follow-up hits North America this fall, while Europe is waiting for word on it and the three other Persona games confirmed recently for the states, including Persona 5.

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