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Breakfast Topic: Did the new patch draw you back to the Timeless Isle?

Anne Stickney

I have to admit that I'm not playing a lot of WoW these days -- largely from a lack of time to do so. But I still manage to scrape together enough time to log in a couple of times a week, particularly to visit the Timeless Isle on my alt. I'm not doing any achievement farming or anything like that, I mostly just want to see if the Celestials and Ordos will be benevolent, or give me gold. It's a fun little game that takes very little time to do if I log in to get it done on a Tuesday, and my alt has gotten geared pretty decently as a result.

However, patch 5.4.8 managed to get me on all of my characters, largely due to the valor changes, and the adjustments to item upgrades. The first thing I did was log on my main and use all 3,000 Valor to upgrade as much gear as I could, and then a trip to the Timeless Isle had me spending a good chunk of all those Timeless Coins I had squirreled away. I capped Valor for the week in about a minute and a half, which was nice. Not only did I get to upgrade even more of the main's gear, but the alt now has the buff that will allow her to get extra Valor -- making it much easier to cap for the week.

Given the fact that I'm not really playing very much right now, it might seem a little silly that I was so quick to upgrade what gear I had. But if there's one thing I've learned over the years, it's that having really good gear going into a new expansion helps considerably with the leveling process. I like having that extra little boost, so I'll happily upgrade whatever I've got! But I'm curious -- how many of you revisited the Timeless Isle when patch 5.4.8 hit live? Have you worked on upgrading your gear and items, or is it something you're not really concerned with? Do you still actively work on capping your Valor, or are you content with what you have? Do you still have a small horde of Timeless Coins on your characters, or have you used them all already?

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