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GameStop sees increased Xbox One interest following price drop reveal


GameStop President Tony Bartel noted an increased interest for Microsoft's Xbox One following the hardware manufacturer's recent decision to change course and package the console without the Kinect camera peripheral. "I definitely think we're already seeing in our stores with our reservation program as well as the dialog to Power-Up Rewards that there's a stronger demand as a result of the price drop," Bartel said during the company's earnings call this week.

Microsoft announced that it will begin selling the Xbox One without the Kinect last week. The dis-Kinected console will hit retail on June 9 for $399 in North America and £349 in the UK. Following the news, GameStop began offering special trade-in prices for Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles in exchange for in-store credit towards the cheaper Xbox One. Microsoft also revealed that it will no longer keep media streaming app like Netflix and Hulu Plus behind its Xbox Live paywall, though it confirmed to Joystiq that free-to-play and subscription-based games such as The Elder Scrolls Online would still require the paid Xbox Live subscription to play.

"The good news for us is it sells more units. We'll sell a lot more units, because like we shared earlier, we're driving a lot of the growth, and that means there will be more [Xbox One] units out there to put software on," Bartel added. GameStop reported total global sales of $2 billion for the first quarter of fiscal 2014 (ending May 3, 2014), which amounted to a seven percent increase year-over-year.
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