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Mario rides the hood of NASCAR driver Matt Kenseth

Mario can drive in pretty much whatever direction he wants in Mario Kart 8, but today he'll be practicing left turns on the hood of NASCAR driver Matt Kenseth's No. 20 car. Kenseth will be racing in the annual, 200-lap History 300 at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, a track with a disappointing lack of gravity-shifting sections. Really though, if we could at least throw some item boxes down, we'd have a pretty decent replica of Baby Park.

If you're actually heading down to the Charlotte Motor Speedway instead of just tuning in from home, Nintendo will be there with MK8 kiosks for fans to test drive. Mario and Luigi will be around too, in case you'd like photographic evidence that the Bros. are real, just like Santa and everything else you've ever loved. Both the game and the Bros. will be present in the Fan Zone today and tomorrow.

Best of luck to Kenseth today, but we think the competition's just lucky that Josh Wise isn't using his No. 98 car. Can you imagine coming up to his bumper and getting that unflinching Doge staredown?
[Image: Nintendo]

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