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WRUP: The one where we pick on MOBAs


Welcome back to Massively's What Are You Playing, the game where we tell you what we're playing this weekend and you brilliantly propose a MOBA in which players slip into the shoes of classical composers and kick the crap out of each other (seriously, we'd play that).

Anatoli Ingram, Columnist
@ceruleangrey: I'm playing Guild Wars 2's Festival of the Four Winds stuff this weekend as well as leveling my very first Charr character (I was finally able to make one I like thanks to the new makeover kit faces). I'll also be putting some time into Toli Gets a Freakin' Haircut Already, which is not massively multiplayer or online or a game. But with a little work, I can probably make it sound like one, and that's the power of marketing!

Bree Royce, Editor-in-Chief
@nbrianna: This week, I've been playing Ultima Online and decorating my old ocean-side jungle home with my new lighthouse because I can and because comfy old games make me happy. But I won't be in games much this weekend or probably for a few weeks; I'm embarking on a different kind of raid this weekend! Don't worry; I'll tweet my drops.

Eliot Lefebvre, Senior Contributing Editor
@Eliot_Lefebvre: After my brother surprised me with an unexpected gift of Transistor on the day after its launch day, I've plowed through the game once and might well finish up my Recursion playthrough this weekend. I've also got stuff to do in both Final Fantasy XIV and Star Trek Online, and it's time to really get cracking on Final Fantasy III for my personal site. That's more than enough for one weekend, even a holiday one.

Justin Olivetti, Senior Contributing Editor
@Sypster: I've got a nice long weekend laid up while I recover from surgery, so I'm going to hunker down with my laptop and see how many achievements with Guild Wars 2's festival I can get done. And then see if I can bend time and make it next weekend so I can play WildStar, darnit!

Larry Everett, Columnist
@Shaddoe: Star Wars: The Old Republic just patched the PTS, so I am going to check that out. Otherwise, I will likely hit a couple of barbecues for Memorial Day weekend, which means I might be playing some Halo 2 or 3 with my brothers.

MJ Guthrie, Contributing Editor
@MJ_Guthrie: In a nutshell, I'm playing all the games! No, seriously, I am going to try to get time in a number of them. I'll be jumping into Marvel Heroes to check out the newest hero Psylocke (whom I will be streaming at noon today!), doing more story missions in Star Wars: The Old Republic and The Secret World, testing out some new building techniques in Landmark, poking back into Black Gold Online, and maybe even helping a friend to level a bit in EverQuest II. I feel a tug to check out TUG and Aion again as well. Then on Sunday, I am launching my personal site! That doesn't sound like too much, does it?

At the start of every weekend, we catch up with the Massively staff members and ask them, "What are you playing this week?" (Otherwise known as: WRUP!) Join us to see what we're up to in and out of game -- and catch us in the comments to let us know what you're playing, too!

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