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Apple rolls out two brand new "Your Verse" iPad ads


Apple on Sunday rolled out two brand new "Your Verse" iPad ads, adding even more stories to Apple's ongoing efforts to draw attention to people using the iPad in unusual, interesting, and compelling ways.

The first video, titled "Cherie's Verse", charts how travel writer Cherie King (who is deaf) is able to use her iPad to explore the world, interact with locals, document her travels and "inspire other deaf individuals to do the same."

"My iPad lets me share my journey with the world. Other deaf people tell me they're traveling more now because they see it's possible", King explains.

A more in-depth look at King's workflow can be found here.

The second ad focuses on famed Finnish conductor Esa-Pekka Saonen who uses various apps on his iPad Air to transform the seeds of a simple melody into a full fledged orchestral score. An in-depth look at how Saonen uses his iPad Air to accomplish this feat can be found here.

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