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Around Azeroth: Crashing the game counts as a victory, right?


"At some point I realized that in Blackwing Lair, the adds that spawn at the start of the Nefarian fight will keep spawning until you kill enough of them to get to phase 2," writes submitter Benedicto of Watchers of the Wall on Stormscale (EU-H). "So, naturally, I thought I'd let them spawn and see how big of a mess I could make. I stood facing a pillar so I wouldn't kill them with Swift Reflexes, and kept self-healing. A few minutes later, they stopped spawning, unfortunately, so I had to kill them. As soon as I pressed Spinning Crane Kick, everything froze. According to MSBT, there were about 530 adds around me. The game kept going at a glacial pace, dealing one SCK tick every 30 seconds or so, and between that and the AOE damage cap, it took me about six minutes to kill the whole group.

They eventually died, I started bashing Nefarian as normal, and then I remembered ... they come back.The whole ordeal took almost half an hour; nobody else thought it was funny, but I loved every moment of it, and giggled uncontrollably all the way through."

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