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Payday 2 adding free heist DLC on PC this week


Overkill Software announced that the next batch of free content for its co-op heist sim Payday 2 is due to launch later this week on PC platforms.

The new Shadow Raid heist is a stealth-only mission in which players must infiltrate a PMC warehouse in search of a stolen suit of samurai armor. Security is tight, however, and if alarms are tripped mid-mission, players have only 60 seconds to escape with what they've grabbed.

Shadow Raid will be released on May 29 as a free update for the PC version of Payday 2. Overkill will also host a 67-percent-off sale and free-to-play Steam weekend for Payday 2 starting on the 29th and extending through June 2.

[Thanks, Marc K.]

[Image: Overkill Software]

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