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EA confirms Battlefield Hardline, more details at E3 [update: leaked trailer?]


Battlefield Hardline is official and coming this fall, and EA's promo image adds weight to a cops-and-robbers outing for the typically military series. Responding swiftly to yesterday's leak, EA says it'll unveil the upcoming game at its E3 conference next month. It's confirmed Visceral Games is developing the game, and a leaked trailer notes the Dead Space studio is handling single-player with DICE taking up multiplayer duties.

The assets found in the new Battlelog point to four character classes, modes that include Blood Money and Bomb Squad, and a map called Downtown. Similarly, EA's image features SWAT logos, masked gunmen and piles of filthy lucre. There's no word on platforms but we expect EA will share that info when it unveils Hardline on June 9.

Update: Or maybe we won't have to wait to see more of Hardline. A 7-minute gameplay video posted this morning (and swiftly removed) looked like a leaked reveal trailer under an "Omaha" codename. It described Heist, Rescue, Hotwire and Bloodmoney multiplayer modes, and a single-player campaign revolving around police corruption and drug cartel.

The trailer's re-emerged online, and (for now) you can find it below the break.
[Image: EA]

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