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GFWL copies of Super Street Fighter 4 AE lose DLC in transition


Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition transitions to Steamworks on May 30, ahead of the suspected shutdown of Games of Windows Live. Sadly it's a hundred hand slap for those who bought physical copies of the PC fighter, as they'll lose their DLC in the process.

That's because the disc version on store shelves is tied to GFWL rather than Steam, so DLC bought or obtained through GFWL won't transfer to the new Steam-based version. Capcom says GFWL owners can at least redeem a new Steamworks version of SSF4AE by activating their product codes on Steam. Also, the GFWL version will stay active but presumably lose online services following the transition to Steamworks later this week. As for Steam version owners, they'll receive the new Steamworks-based game automatically.
[Image: Capcom]

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