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Around Azeroth: Grind your bones to make my bread


"After that wonderful Wowcrendor Video about the ceilings in WoW, I've been making it a point to not only look up, but also to look down whenever I'm in an instance or ... well, anywhere, really," writes submitter Arugadh of The Brotherhood of Iron on Wyrmrest Accord (US-A). "The sheer amount of detail that the developers put into things that most players will never notice or see just amazes me. Such as this, from the Soulforge instance in Wrath - you get caught up with too many GOGOGO groups, and you overlook the truly interesting and disturbing things. This is what you see when you look over the edge of the walkway. What is Arthas doing in there? What could this contraption possibly be for? It spins, it opens, it closes, and there's nothing living down there that I could see, save for those eerie floating skulls. What is going on underneath Icecrown Citadel that's going to come back and bite us all in our collective butts in a future expansion?"

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